Rescue from Vehicles in Water

This specialist course for Rescue Technicians explores the skills required to deal with rescues from vehicles in water.

The course looks at vehicle behaviour and stabilisation in water as well as access techniques and casualty extrication.

Rescues from vehicles in water are a growing hazard faced by our emergency services. Whilst generic Swiftwater & Flood Rescue Technician skills and techniques can be utilised for these rescues, current training lacks realistic and specific exposure to these increasingly more common incidents.

Since 2004 there has been continued development of this specialist course to it's present format which includes

  • Theory input on in water behaviour and hazard assessment
  • Hands on practical exercises using in water training vehicle
  • Night time vehicle rescue exercise may also be included if conditions are suitable

Course pre-requisites

  • All students need to have completed a Rescue 3 International Swiftwater & Flood Rescue Technician or equivalent course.
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